New Wave 13-Mackay (2012)



(4/14) Don't forget we have practice Monday and a tournament in London Saturday!

(3/23) I hope everyone has a safe travel to the tournament tomorrow. Come ready to play, it will be another long day. Don't forget both jerseys, your ball, and a whistle for reffing.

(3/ 12) We have a tournament this Saturday 3/17. The link on the page below has all the information, be there around 8:20 a.m. as play starts at 9 a.m. BRING BOTH JERSEYS. If a player forgets her jerseys, she does not play. The address to the tournament is

Kids America
1600 Otsego Avenue
Coshocton, OH 43812

Phone: 740-622-6657

(3/2) Practices will be Mondays from 5-7 at Excel and Saturdays starting 3/31 at Wilson Middle School.

As of right now, there will a scrimmage against the River View 13's teams on Sunday March 4 from 2-5 pm. Please mark this date now and let me know if you or your daughter cannot make this. If the conflict is with a parent's schedule and not a athlete's schedule then rides can be arranged. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

The scrimmage will be held at:
River View Junior High School
26456 SR 60 North

The River View coach advised taking SR 16- SR 36 rather than SR 60 because it it very curvy.

I will be sending out an email with this information also.


Madison Mackay, Coach


Brooklynn Janks    
Ashley Jutte    
Carter Mackenna    
Bailey McKenzie    
Sarah Powell    
Miranda Warner    
Ondrea Yoho    

Tournament Schedule

date division info tournament and location result
March 1713 Regional[Results]Kids America (Coshocton, OH)n/a
March 2413 Regional[Results]Maysville HS (Zanesville, OH)n/a
April 113 Regional[Results]Ernsthausen Community Center (Norwalk, OH)n/a
April 2113 Regional[Results]Madison-Plains HS (London, OH)n/a
April 2913 Regional[Results]Triway HS (Wooster, OH)n/a
May 513 Regional[Results]Ohio Valley Region Inc. Kaepa®-USA 2012 Girls' Volleyball Championships (Columbus, OH)n/a